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aircraftair‧craft /ˈeəkrɑːft $ ˈerkræft/ ●●● S2 W2 noun [countable] (plural aircraft) TTAa plane or other vehicle that can fly light aircraft
Examples from the Corpus
aircraftI was supposed to be learning how to be an aircraft commander in an air-assault company.Officials fear glass bottles could break and injure visitors or, after the show, damage aircraft.The design and development of each aircraft is described in turn using contemporary film footage.Our aircraft was straight, steady, holding altitude, heading away from Hainan when the accident occurred.Acceleration two up, with half tanks, was smooth and sure and the aircraft left the ground at about 30 knots.Eventually a man from the tower arrived, and a little bus came to take us to the aircraft.The aircraft was burning well and this, plus exploding ammunition, drove me out.Some visiting aircraft engineers having arrived just to collect a specific part, spend hours just browsing through the stock.
From King Business Dictionaryaircraftair‧craft /ˈeəkrɑːftˈerkræft/ noun (plural aircraft) [countable] a plane or other vehicle that can flyThe country’s aircraft industry is still in its infancy. commuter aircraft