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airbaseair‧base /ˈeəbeɪs $ ˈer-/ noun [countable] PMPa place where military aircraft begin and end their flights, and where members of an air force live
Examples from the Corpus
airbaseOperation Roaring Lion was launched from a former airbase, to practice evacuating civilians from war zones.The EF1-11 radar jamming plane had taken off from the Upper Heyford airbase.The reports come amid fighting at the country's principal military airbase at Bagram, 40 miles from the capital.The rain passed and we took off, only to be forced to land at the military airbase at Butterworth.He spoke to intelligence officers at several airbases and made sure that certain records were amended.Mrs Turnpeny had returned to Darlington but rejoined her husband at the airbase near Munden.Meanwhile, Lyneham is in mourning for its dead ... the airbase community stunned by the tragedy.I feel quite sorry for some of the airbase families, in fact.