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aideaide /eɪd/ ●○○ noun [countable] PGOsomeone whose job is to help someone who has an important job, especially a politician a presidential aide
Examples from the Corpus
aideAnderson has worked as an aide to the mayor for three years.An aide confirmed this week that the President will not be running for re-election.Two colored aides and a white aide with curly blond hair walk us over to the Main Building.These will be resolved or abandoned in the course aide time, and in the meantime will have no moral standing.White House aides denied the report.Bernstein was trying to explain his headline problems to Ruby when Gerstein strode past with a retinue of aides.In 1972 his own principle aide, General Oufkir, who ruled the country in the king's name attempted a coup.Amelia went to work as a nurse's aide in the children's wing of the hospital.a nurse's aideAs a teacher's aide, I help watch the children and run errands for the teacher.
Origin aide (1700-1800) aide-de-camp