Word family noun agreementdisagreement adjective agreeabledisagreeable agreed verb agreedisagree adverb agreeablydisagreeably
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishagreea‧gree /əˈɡriː/ ●●● S1 W1 verb 1 same opinion [intransitive, transitive]AGREE to have or express the same opinion about something as someone else OPP disagree Teenagers and their parents rarely agree.agree with If she felt he was right, she would agree with him.agree that Most people nowadays would agree that a good pub is one of our best traditions.agree on/about We don’t agree on everything, of course.I quite agree/I couldn’t agree more (=I agree completely) ‘We have to talk.’ ‘Absolutely, ’ Meredith replied. ‘I couldn’t agree more.’2 say yes [intransitive, transitive]AGREE to say yes to an idea, plan, suggestion etc OPP refuse I suggested we go somewhere for the weekend and she agreed at once.agree to do something No one really knows why he agreed to do the film.agree to My sister won’t agree to our mother going into a nursing home.3 decide together [intransitive, transitive]AGREE to make a decision with someone after a discussion with themagree to do something We agreed to meet again the following Monday.agree on They managed to agree on a date for the wedding.agree that We agreed that elections would be held in May.agree a price/plan/strategy etc We agreed a new four-year contract.GrammarIn more formal English, you say it was agreed that when saying what people agreed: It was agreed that the post would be advertised.4 be the same [intransitive]SAME if two pieces of information agree with each other, they match or are the sameagree with Your story doesn’t agree with what the police have told us.5 agree to differ/disagree agree with somethingGrammarReciprocal verbsAgree is a reciprocal verb. This type of verb is used when saying that two or more people or groups do something that involves both or all of them: Our parties agree on this. You can also say: Our parties agree with each other on this.My party agrees with yours on this.Prepositions with agreeagree with somebody/somethingYou agree with someone: I agree with Tanya. Don’t say: I agree Tanya.You agree with an opinion or statement: He agrees with this view. Don’t say: He agrees this view. agree on/about somethingPeople agree on or about a subject: My wife and I agree on most things.agree to somethingYou agree to a plan or suggestion: They agreed to all our proposals. Don’t say: They agreed all our proposals.Using the progressiveAgree is not used in the progressive. You say: I agree completely. Don’t say: I am agreeing completely.THESAURUSto say yesagree to say that you think that someone’s plan or suggestion is a good idea and you think it should happenCharles suggested going for a picnic, and we all agreed.The Council of Ministers would never agree to such a plan.Few people expect the rebels to agree to the peace plan.When I proposed that in future we should hold our meetings in the bar, the others agreed wholeheartedly.say yes especially spoken to agree to do what someone has askedThey asked if I would give a talk, and I stupidly said yes.approve to officially agree to a plan or proposalCongress approved the plan by a large majority.give your consent to say that you agree to something that will affect you, your family, or your property, when you have the legal right to say ‘no’Her parents have given their consent to the marriage.go along with something to agree with someone else’s plan or suggestion even though you are not sure if it is the right thing to doHe wasn’t very happy with the idea, but he decided to go along with have the same opinionagree to have the same opinion as someone, or to think that a statement is correctI totally agree with what you’ve just said.I completely agree with Chomsky when he says that humans are born with a special ability to learn language.Most experts agree that dieting needs to be accompanied by regular in agreement formal if people are in agreement, they agree with each other, especially after discussing somethingThe brothers are in agreement over the future of their company.The world’s scientists are in agreement that global warming is a problem that needs to be addressed.share somebody’s view/be of the same opinion formal to have the same opinion as someone, especially about an important issueA lot of people share his view that tourism will have a negative impact on the island.Professor Dawkins is of the same opinion as Dr Jones.They share the view that nuclear energy can play an important role in meeting global demands for energy.All three specialists were of the same opinion about the cause of her illness.concur /kənˈkɜː $ -ˈkɜːr/ formal to agree with someone or about something – a very formal word which is used especially in official contextsThe committee concurred with this view.She asked her colleague, and she concurred.Was it his aggression which set him apart from his rivals? ‘Possibly, ’ he concurred.As most biblical scholars concur, the letter could not have been written by any contemporary of Jesus.see eye to eye [not in progressive] to agree with someone about something – used especially in negative sentencesWe don’t always see eye to eye, but we do respect each other’s opinions.agree up to a point to partly agree with someoneI agree with you up to a point, but surely the situation is more complex than that? → See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
agreeI think it's too expensive. Do you agree?Right then, are we all agreed?The project can't go ahead until the finance committee agrees.Charles suggested going for a picnic, and we all agreed.I'll have to check these calculations again -- the totals don't agree.I suggested we move to Chicago and she agreed.After a few minutes' discussion we had agreed a price and the car was mine.Ultimately the two sides could not agree, and negotiations were abandoned."I wish it was time to go home." "I couldn't agree more."The one thing all the parties agreed on was the need for fair elections.Most experts agree that drugs like heroin can cause permanent brain damage.It was agreed that the price should be fixed at $200.Finally, after some tough negotiating, it was agreed that the workforce would be reduced by 10%.If Brian agrees to buy the car, then changes his mind, can he withdraw his acceptance?They agreed to meet up later in the week.The Council of Ministers would never agree to such a plan.Plant managers and the union agreed to take the Quality of Work Life effort plant-wide.Few people expect the rebels to agree to the peace plan."Yes, I'm sure you're right, " agreed Tony.Mr Johnson thinks it's too risky, and I tend to agree with him.Lee agreed with Jackson that more opportunities should be created for minorities in film.I also agree with Scott L.J.'s observations about the form of order that would be proper to be made.Mr and Mrs Davenport accepted and agreed with the results of the psychological evaluation.I agree with you about the color -- it looks awful.agree on/aboutMorrison Knudsen and lenders agree on a plan to avoid a cash shortage.The Government had failed to agree on a programme: Baldwin was for protection.It is much easier to form a coalition against something than to agree on alternatives.Federal and state ministers have met 20 times since the earlier massacres and failed to agree on change.Neither side can agree on doctors or medical institutes to carry out tests.Mike and I certainly don't agree on everything.They could not agree on the Gulf conflict and seem to have no agreed middle east policy.But, if the supporters are agreed on the principle of rotation, they disagree over the detail.Most of us, I think, can agree on this.agree toThe rebels finally agreed to a ban on terrorist activity.Both sides have agreed to a ceasefire.Then, in an extraordinary move, five jurors and three alternates agreed to a news conference in the Santa Monica courthouse.McCaskill left the California Angels on Saturday and agreed to a three-year contract with the Chicago White Sox worth over $6 million.Friday, Corrections Department spokeswoman Gloria Isaac said the agency had agreed to cover the costs.The conservatives surprised everyone by agreeing to defy the government and overspend by almost as much ... ten million.They agreed to do nothing; self-winding up was inconceivable.He agreed to restore the money once a testing bill he supported reached his desk.After 17 years of failed development plans, the owner agreed to sell the site for community use.In other words, Dounreay has agreed to store the spent fuel from research reactors for four years.More schools in the area have agreed to support the Hamper Appeal.agree a price/plan/strategy etcWhen people employ a builder to repair their house, they will probably want to agree a price beforehand.That is, it may be easier to agree a price for a contract for clinical services than to assess cost or cost-effectiveness.The two parties may agree a price for the land or ask an agent to act on their behalf.Get your team around the table and agree a plan of action to give even more attention to detail.The Link group acts as a forum for the major environmental issues and agrees strategies to combat existing problems.
From King Business Dictionaryagreea‧gree /əˈgriː/ verb [intransitive, transitive]1to make a decision with someone after a discussion with themThey have agreed a price for the land.He has agreed a new two-year contract.agree to do somethingThe company agreed in principle to sell the paper mill to local managers.agree onThe companies agreed on the broad terms of a settlement.2to have or express the same opinion about something as someone elseThe management and the unions rarely seem to agree.agree withActually, I agree with Mike on this point.agree thatHe agreed that we need more time and resources.agreed adjectiveThey are no longer prepared to pay the agreed agreed code of conduct→ See Verb tableOrigin agree (1300-1400) Old French agréer, from gré will, pleasure, from Latin gratus pleasing