From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishagenta‧gent /ˈeɪdʒənt/ ●●○ S3 W3 noun [countable] 1 BUSINESSBBa person or company that represents another person or company, especially in business Our agent in Rio deals with all our Brazilian business.agent for We’re acting as agents for Mr Watson. estate agent, land agent, real estate agent, travel agent2 AMAPARTIST/ACTORsomeone who finds work for actors, musicians etc, or who finds someone to publish a writer’s work My agent has a new script for me to look at. a literary agent3 GOVERNMENT AGENTPGSCPsomeone who works for a government or police department, especially in order to get secret information about another country or organization an intelligence agent an FBI agent an undercover (=secret) agent secret agent, double agent4 HCCHANGE/MAKE something DIFFERENT technical a chemical or substance that is used for a particular purpose or that has a particular effect Soap is a cleansing agent.5 FORCECHANGE/MAKE something DIFFERENTsomeone or something that affects or changes a situationagent for/of change Technological advances are the chief agents of change. free agent
Examples from the Corpus
agentThe firm has an agent in Sydney who deals with the Australian side of the business.Wray was filmed passing money to an enemy agent.That raises obvious questions about the priorities of federal drug enforcement agents and prosecutors.Not an estate agent, a valuer, a lawyer or a property slump in sight.And owners note a perceptible increase in door-hangers, fliers and other pleas from agents to put their homes up for sale.My meeting with the author and his agent did not go well.The licence application must be signed by the applicant or his agent.a book of memoirs written by a retired MI5 agent, Peter WrightMy agents fixed it for me.My agent sent me to an audition.She passed on to our agent the name Raphael, though he paid for it with his life.He had been a secret agent of the enemy all along.Residents say they understand that agents have an important job, but they accuse the feds of lies, intimidation and harassment.Number 73 was just a doorway between a travel agent and a small grocery store, with three steps leading up to it.a travel agentTravel agents often advertise package tours which include a stay at a certain hotel.The company is the UK agent for a top Danish furniture maker.agent forWatts acts as an agent for the sales department.literary agentQuitting after a fracas he had gone to work as a literary agent and had prospered.I therefore contacted a literary agent, Al Zuckerman, who had been introduced to me as the brother-in-law of a colleague.John Pawsey describes a week in the life of a literary agent.Loretta Barrett, our literary agent, was a successful editor at a major publishing company.Simple start All seemed relatively simple at the start, recalls literary agent Alexandra Cann.Nina, the literary agent, was on her way to London on business.I gave the novel to the literary agent Curtis Brown to negotiate with a publisher.Her family, besieged by calls, retained New York literary agent Laurie Liss.undercover ... agentI want to apply to become an undercover agent.He's an undercover sabotage agent if ever there was one.The informant showed gun crates marked with the names of Norinco and Poly Technologies to an undercover agent.In the guise of travelling labourers they were sent to Wokingham Fair as undercover agents.Today, the state may employ undercover agents who falsely hold them-selves out as persons they are not.The Fedpol had undercover agents there, naturally, but no official presence.The national police commissioner, George Fivaz, this week said that undercover agents would be sent in.agent for/of changeThis implies a corresponding commitment by the training institutions to prepare the student to become an agent of change. 6.In the analysis of change, the various theorists have focused on different agents of change, which are often social classes.Some other agent of change was needed.They are the agents of change but departments may not always perceive this role.Likewise, the agent of change might have been better devised to give more confidence in the outcome.Such standardization and rationalization of diverse local practices was promoted by lawyers who were the agents of change.
From King Business Dictionaryagenta‧gent /ˈeɪdʒənt/ noun [countable]1COMMERCEJOBa person or company that is paid by another person or company to represent them in businesstrading companies who act as agents for manufacturers see also sub-agent, change agent average agent bargaining agent business agent buying agent commercial agent commission agent customs agent del credere agent disbursing agent economic agent enrolled agent escrow agent estate agent forwarding agent free agent house agent insurance agent land agent literary agent managing agent overseas agent patent agent paying agent real estate agent shipping agent transfer agent travel agent2someone who is paid by actors, musicians etc to find work for themHe instructed his agent to say no to the TV series. press agentOrigin agent (1400-1500) Medieval Latin from the present participle of Latin agere to drive, lead, act, move, do