From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishaffiliateaf‧fil‧i‧ate1 /əˈfɪlieɪt/ verb 1 [intransitive, transitive]MEMBERCONNECTED WITH if a group or organization affiliates to or with another larger one, it forms a close connection with itaffiliate with The Society is not affiliated with any political party.affiliate to the church’s right to affiliate to RomeGrammar Affiliate is usually passive in this meaning, when used as a transitive verb.2 affiliate yourself to/with somebody/something→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
affiliateBy 1937 there was one individual Party member for every five affiliated from the unions.Nevertheless, Plenderleith injects genuine pathos into his tales that, on the whole, are affiliated to the great game.Koa Oil Co., a refiner affiliated with Nippon Oil, gained 90 yen to 970 yen.She and our outreach nurse call MotherRisk, a programme affiliated with our city's paediatric hospital.The small-business component of the local chambers of commerce affiliated with us is even more conspicuous.
affiliateaf‧fil‧i‧ate2 /əˈfɪliət/ noun [countable] MEMBERa company, organization etc that is connected with or controlled by a larger one Volvo’s Japanese affiliate, Mitsubishi
Examples from the Corpus
affiliateAs part of the merger, affiliates of Trump Hotels would also sell $ 750 million in new bonds.As a result the bank is able to recoup the loan and the securities affiliate earns an underwriting fee. 6.The affiliate advises investors to buy some of the issue.The affiliates were known as cells.The Communist Party and various affiliates control nearly all Soviet printing presses and broadcasting stations.
From King Business Dictionaryaffiliateaf‧fil‧i‧ate1 /əˈfɪliət/ noun [countable]ORGANIZATIONS a small company or organization that is connected with or controlled by a larger oneFuji Xerox Co., the Japanese affiliate of Xerox Corpaffiliateaf‧fi‧li‧ate2 /əˈfɪlieɪt/ verb [intransitive, transitive] if a group or organization affiliates to or is affiliated to a larger one, it is connected with it or controlled by itaffiliate toThe company is affiliated to the giant Sumitomo group.Student associations almost all affiliate to the National Union of Students.affiliated adjectivea complicated network of affiliated companiesMost local TV stations are affiliated with one of the major networks.affiliation noun [uncountable]its affiliation to the industry federation→ See Verb tableOrigin affiliate1 (1700-1800) Medieval Latin past participle of affiliare to take over as a son, from Latin ad- to + filius son