Word family noun advice adviser advisor advisability adjective advisableinadvisable advisory verb advise adverb advisedly
From King Dictionary of Contemporary English
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adviserad‧vis‧er, advisor /ədˈvaɪzə $ -ər/ ●●○ S3 W3 noun [countable] BOADVISEsomeone whose job is to give advice because they know a lot about a subject, especially in business, law, or politics a financial adviser
Examples from the Corpus
adviserCo., which is acting as an adviser to Airtours.If one of your clients has incontinence problems, ask for help from a continence adviser or community nurse.In practice engaging the services of an independent financial adviser makes sense.Talk to an independent financial adviser before you invest your money.The Congressional Budget Office, an independent adviser to Congress, had recently forecast growth of around 2.6 percent per year.the Prime Minister's personal adviser on economic affairsBut compensation is only granted if the adviser goes bust and is unable to pay back your money.
From King Business Dictionaryadviserad‧vis‧er /ədˈvaɪzə-ər/ (also advisor American English) noun [countable] JOBan expert who gives information to someone so that they are able to make a good decision independent financial adviser