Word family noun advice adviser advisor advisability adjective advisableinadvisable advisory verb advise adverb advisedly
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishadvicead‧vice /ədˈvaɪs/ ●●● S2 W2 noun [uncountable] ADVISEan opinion you give someone about what they should do You should have followed my advice.advice on/about advice on saving energy I need some advice about my computer.on somebody’s advice On her doctor’s advice (=because her doctor advised her) Smith decided to take early retirement.GRAMMAR: ComparisonadviceYou give someone some advice: My father gave me some good advice. Don’t say: some advices Advice is an uncountable noun and cannot be used in the plural. You give someone a piece of advice: My father gave me a piece of good advice. Don’t say: an advicetipYou give someone a tip: My father gave me a good tip. Tip is a countable noun and can be used in the plural: I got some good tips.adviseDon’t confuse the noun advice /ədˈvaɪs/ with the verb advise /ədˈvaɪz/. You say: Can you advise me? Don’t say: Can you advice me?COLLOCATIONSverbsgive somebody some adviceMy father once gave me some useful advice.The scheme has given advice and training to scores of youngsters taking part.get some adviceI decided to get some advice from a specialist.ask somebody’s adviceCan I ask your advice about something?ask for adviceIf in doubt, always ask for advice.take/follow somebody’s advice (also act on somebody’s advice formal) (=do what someone advises you to do)He followed his doctor’s advice and went on a low-fat diet.The king acted on his advice and ordered his soldiers to get ready for battle.listen to somebody’s advice (also heed somebody’s advice formal) (=pay attention to someone’s advice)I wish I had listened to her advice.ignore/disregard somebody’s advice (=not do what someone tells you)The accident happened because she ignored their advice.go/turn to somebody for advicePeople often go to him for advice about their advice (=try to get some advice)If you have any of these symptoms you should seek urgent advice.offer adviceThey can offer advice to those who wish to quit drinking. pass on some advice (=give someone advice that you have learned or been given)Readers can pass on advice about gardening. adjectivesgood/excellent/useful/helpfulThe book is full of good advice.sound (=sensible)I thought that this was sound advice. wrongUnfortunately all the advice they gave me was wrong.bad adviceFinancial advisors can be fined if they give bad advice to a client.practical adviceThe programme aims to offer practical advice on healthy eating.detailed adviceThe website gives detailed advice about making bombs.professional/expert/specialist adviceIt’s advisable to get professional advice before starting any building etc advice Good legal advice can be expensive.independent/impartial advice (=from someone who is not involved and will not get an advantage)The banks claim to offer independent financial advice.conflicting advice (=very different opinions about what you should do)I’ve asked several people, and they’ve all given me conflicting advice.phrasesa piece of advice (also a bit of advice informal)Let me give you a piece of advice.a word of advice spoken (=used when advising someone what to do)A word of advice: look at the small print in the contract very carefully.advice + NOUNan advice centre/service/desk/bureauThey offer a 24-hour advice service to customers. THESAURUSadvice noun [uncountable] an opinion that is given to someone about what they should doHis advice was to give up smoking. tip noun [countable] a simple but useful piece of advice about the best way to do somethinguseful tips on healthy eatingrecommendation noun [countable] advice about what to do, usually given by an expert or a group of people who have studied the matterone of the major recommendations of the reportguidance noun [uncountable] helpful general advice, especially about what to do in your life, your work etcYoung people need guidance from their parents. a careers guidance counsellor
Examples from the Corpus
adviceThey covered six areas: advice giving, social policy, management committees, volunteers, fundraising and new technology.Management consultancy divisions of accounting firms tend to be strong on business advice and professional codes of conduct.The finance director gives committees advice on the authority's overall budget constraints for the next year.For advice on AIDS, phone this free number.I decided to ask Laura what she thought I should do. She always gives me good advice.Her advice begins with an inventory of belongings, surroundings, problem areas and priorities.You should get legal advice before you sign the contract.It has been... my pleasure and honour... to give him my advice...Years ago, my father gave me a piece of advice that I've never forgotten.They come to me for help or advice.Against all his father's advice and pleading he then proceeded to Mannheim.Get some advice from the people in the tourist office.That's sound advice - I'll definitely bear it in mind.advice on/aboutIt identifies key issues directly affecting the company and gives advice on strategy or operations.He found them enjoyable too and full of good advice on skin care.Like all good instructional videos these include advice on papers, colour mixing and a range of techniques.The information in this leaflet is not an alternative to specific legal advice on your circumstances.If you would like advice on contraception, talk to your doctor or local family planning clinic.It is offering advice on finding other jobs.Professional advice on graphic design is valuable.Professional advice on the transcription of reading schemes and work schemes is essential.a booklet with advice on car problems
From King Business Dictionaryadvicead‧vice /ədˈvaɪs/ noun1[uncountable] information given to someone, especially by an expert, so that they know what to do and can make the right decisionShe will remain on the board and provide financial advice to the company.a law firm specialising in providing legal advice to technology & IT industries2[countable]COMMERCE a document giving someone details about a sale or purchase that they are involved in, for example a note to a buyer giving details of goods that they are being sent credit adviceOrigin advice (1200-1300) Old French avis opinion, probably from ce m'est a vis that appears to me