From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishadulthoodad‧ult‧hood /ˈædʌlthʊd, əˈdʌlt-/ noun [uncountable] ADULTthe time when you are an adult OPP childhood
Examples from the Corpus
adulthoodIt tracks her adulthood into old age.Cyril had been stranded, orphaned, in adulthood, in the land of the grown-up.The foregoing paragraphs dispose, it is hoped, of some mistaken ideas as to the state and progress of sexuality in adulthood.Under what circumstances does childhood disorder continue into adulthood?Most adults with cystic fibrosis were found to be living fulfilling lives into adulthood.Nowadays young people want to leave home as soon as they reach adulthood.Children with the disease have little chance of surviving to adulthood.They had four sons, two surviving to adulthood.And I believed it until adulthood.Learning, education, and intellectual growth in most cases were restricted to the period from childhood to young adulthood.