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adopta‧dopt /əˈdɒpt $ əˈdɑːpt/ ●●○ S3 W2 verb 1 childLOOK AFTER somebodySSF [intransitive, transitive] to take someone else’s child into your home and legally become its parentfoster Sally was adopted when she was four. The couple are unable to have children of their own, but hope to adopt.2 adopt an approach/policy/attitude etc3 style/mannerUSE something [transitive] to use a particular style of speaking, writing, or behaving, especially one that you do not usually use Kim adopts a southern accent when speaking to family back home.4 law/ruleACCEPT [transitive] to formally approve a proposal, amendment etc, especially by voting Congress finally adopted the law after a two-year debate.5 name/country etcCHOOSE [transitive] to choose a new name, country, custom etc, especially to replace a previous one Stevens became a Muslim and adopted the name Yusuf Islam. Becoming a member of a society means adopting its values.6 electionPPV [transitive] British English to officially choose someone to represent a political party in an electionadopter noun [countable]adoptee /əˌdɒpˈtiː $ əˌdɑːp-/ noun [countable]
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Examples from the Corpus
adoptDavid and Sheila are unable to have children, but they're hoping to adopt.She had hoped to get pregnant, but when she failed, she and her husband decided to adopt.His company might adopt a gain-sharing plan based upon plant-wide performance.PTM Co. has adopted a neighborhood school, and employees often tutor students.Kim adopts a southern accent when she speaks to her cousins.The Maastricht Treaty provisions for culture were adopted against this background.Rather than adopting an inappropriate legislative approach, we must persuade people and affect attitudes.These standards have been adopted by many states, counties, and cities; others have established their own standards.Chinese babies are the favorite choice of Americans adopting children from abroad.He discovered that his guardian, Aunt Mimi, had not legally adopted him.Uncle Khan later told me that it was his wife who had been determined to adopt me as her own.Teenagers who discover they were adopted often search for their biological parents when they are old enough.Phillips says his ultimate vindication would be to see the airline industry adopting SafetyScope, but he isn't holding his breath.This guy persuaded me I had to adopt that attitude in the Tests as well.My mother was adopted when she was four.
From King Business Dictionaryadopta‧dopt /əˈdɒptəˈdɑːpt/ noun [transitive]1if you adopt a new method, process etc, you start to use itAll US companies are required to adopt the new standards.2MARKETING to start using a product, especially a new product, usually with the intention of continuing to buy and use itMore than 300 companies have adopted the software.adoption noun [countable, uncountable]the adoption of sophisticated production techniquesadoption of new textbooks by the education departmentOrigin adopt (1400-1500) French adopter, from Latin adoptare, from ad- to + optare to choose