From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishadmissionad‧mis‧sion /ədˈmɪʃən/ ●●○ W3 noun 1 [countable]ADMIT a statement in which you admit that something is true or that you have done something wrong SYN confessionadmission that The Senator’s admission that he had lied to Congress shocked many Americans.admission of guilt/defeat/failure etc Silence is often interpreted as an admission of guilt. Reese, by his own admission, lacks the necessary experience.2 [uncountable]ENTER permission given to someone to enter a building or place, or to become a member of a school, club etc No admission after 10 pm. The young men tried to enter a nightclub but were refused admission. Women gained admission to the club only recently.admission to those applying for admission to university3 admissions4 [countable, uncountable] the process of taking someone into a hospital for treatment, tests, or care There are 13,000 hospital admissions annually due to playground accidents.5 [uncountable]COST the cost of entrance to a concert, sports event, cinema etcadmittance Admission: $10 for adults, $5 for children. The cost includes free admission to the casinos. The Museum has no admission charge.
Examples from the Corpus
admissionAdmission is only $3.50.Fewer than one in five of the schools answering the survey said they have no academic admissions criteria for new students.The court may assume that your silence is an admission of guilt.You only married him for his money? What an admission!We did not include in the analysis admissions to hospital on the day of enrolment.Merrill worries aloud about the consequences to Barnard and Columbia if need-blind admissions were discontinued.No admission after 10 p.m.When interviewed by complaints department officers he made similar allegations about fabrication of admissions.By his own admission, he was naive.Similar changes have already begun in the admissions process for undergraduate students entering in 1998.The admission charge is 20p and all the proceeds will go to the Northern Ireland Hospice.admission thatIn too few cases has the reduction been accompanied by an admission that the new base will be more sustainable in future.The first is that climate swamps structure and lithology, an admission that few geologically trained or biased geomorphologists would make.The local authority's decision to agree to his application was an admission that they had been wrong all the time.Even so we do sometimes find admissions that women were doing the more advanced tasks.When mistakes are made a full apology is often less damaging than a grudging admission that events have not gone as planned.Thrilled to the core by his admission that she disturbed and aroused him, she was at the same time terrified.The Senator's admission that he had lied to Congress shocked many Americans.The admission that facts can be causes will not much improve our willingness to suppose that universal facts can cause universal beliefs.refused admissionThis was so not withstanding that the field could be closed at any time and that certain people could be refused admission.Any which arrive late will result in the student being refused admission to the Examination Centre.Death and Dishonour A seventy-five year old lady was refused admission to four hospitals after suffering a heart attack recently.On the first evening the young men got drunk and tried to get into a nightclub but were refused admission.They were refused admission to a public school attended by white children solely because of their admissionsThis need not demand a large-scale research effort, but a simple record of all hospital admissions for self-poisoning and self-injury.X-rays, blood tests, dates of emergency hospital admissions, visits to the general practitioner, medication.However, hospital admissions for asthma attacks, mostly among children, doubled during the 1980s.Toxic liver injury: hospital admissions 1992-93.It will be important to know whether the trend in nocturnal hospital admissions has changed since the new contract was introduced.Clinical details, dates of hospital admissions, and contacts with other patients at outpatient clinics were also recorded.She had a history of hospital admissions for similar symptoms in 1976,1983, and 1989 which resolved spontaneously.No room: Bed shortage halts some hospital admissionUSAir Vacations has two-night packages beginning at $ 434 a person and also include free admission to various attractions.The second Tuesday of every month offers free admission. 4700 Western Heritage Way.And, unlike local venues that charge admission and parking fees, the Miramar air show offers free admission and free parking.All participants will receive free admission to the museum today, following a post-race breakfast and awards ceremony.Most charging sites and museums offer teachers free admission for a preview visit.Tickets are $ 5. 50, with free admission to children under age 16.Tickets are $ 12 at the door, with free admission for children under age 12.
From King Business Dictionaryadmissionad‧mis‧sion /ədˈmɪʃən/ noun [uncountable]1the cost of entrance to a cinema, sports event etcMuseum admission prices are $10 for adults and $4 for children.2permission given to someone to enter a place, or become a member of a group, organization, school etcadmission toMany applicants are unable to gain admission to courses leading to these qualifications.Poland was granted full admission to the EU on the 1st May 2004.3FINANCE permission given by a stockmarket to a company for its shares to be bought and sold therethe admission of securities to official Stock Exchange listingOrigin admission (1400-1500) Latin admissio, from admittere; ADMIT