Word family noun administration administrator adjective administrative verb administrate adverb administratively
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administrativead‧min‧is‧tra‧tive /ədˈmɪnəstrətɪv $ -streɪtɪv/ ●●○ W3 AWL adjective BBrelating to the work of managing a company or organization The job is mainly administrative.administrative staff/duties/job etc the administrative costs of health care systems an administrative assistant staff who provide technical and administrative support to the collegeadministratively adverb
Examples from the Corpus
administrativePhil's job is mainly administrative.I had worked for many years as an administrative assistant and an executive assistant.The original building remains virtually intact and is now the administrative block of the North Wing.In the seventh year, to February 1990, the administrative costs involved in giving moneys to authors stood at 14%.Several committee members never saw the final version that emerged after government review and federal administrative editing.There are additional administrative functions, such as the submission of a statement of affairs and the making of reports on specified matters.And these rules may, of course, be enforced by an administrative hierarchy to which the subject may appeal.All that remained was that lovely blank undecorated space upstairs which led up to the administrative offices.Such forces are seldom the product of the ill-feeling which can be generated by a powerful but badly-led and manned administrative system.administrative staff/duties/job etcA director will also be expected to undertake at least some administrative duties.Evaluations of policies are conducted through research and expert analysis supported by the Presidium's administrative staff.Health authorities are supported by medical and by administrative staff.The team has control over virtually everything, from maintenance of the building to the curriculum to the hiring of administrative staff.The Department of Public Instruction provided a guideline of administrative duties, advice and judges for the state meet.Vacancies for administrative staff are currently 5.3 percent.Mead was bumped off major cases and firm committees, then given only administrative duties, the lawsuit alleges.It was this clientele which Hunter and his administrative staff took on in Tucson, in January 1994.