Word family noun addition additive adjective additonal added verb add adverb additionally
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishadditionallyad‧di‧tion‧al‧ly /əˈdɪʃənəli/ ●○○ adverb [sentence adverb] AND/ALSOin addition SYN also A new contract is in place. Additionally, staff will be offered a bonus scheme.
Examples from the Corpus
additionallySalads are not included in the price of entrees but may be ordered additionally.On this occasion, however, they asked that their solicitors should be served additionally.He may additionally, by dream mechanisms and current computation, try to fashion in a whole technicolor picture of the scenery.The company personnel additionally comprises administration and logistics staff along with team leaders and testing technicians.Two bed apartments additionally offer dishwasher and en suite shower facilities to master bedrooms.What restrictions did we additionally place on the articles?They may also additionally represent much more; they may indeed have a highly integrating social function.The group may be smuggling drugs. Additionally, they're suspected of several murders.