From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishadditionalad‧di‧tion‧al /əˈdɪʃənəl/ ●●○ W2 adjective MORE/EXTRAmore than what was agreed or expected SYN extra Additional information can be obtained from the centre.additional costs/expenditure etc An additional charge is made on baggage exceeding the weight allowance.see thesaurus at moreRegisterIn everyday English, people usually say extra rather than additional: He gets extra money from his parents.
Examples from the Corpus
additionalFor the average driver of a company Ford Sierra or Vauxhall Cavalier this means an additional £1.06 a week in tax.Economists believe that the boost to the labour force may be worth an additional 1 percent a year in the early 1990s.There will be an additional charge for any extra baggage.Both cases can be covered by imposing the additional constraint and then turning to the second objective.Any regiments may swap their spears for halberds at an additional cost of +1 point per model.Plans for the tunnel had to be revised at an additional cost of $180 million.It will almost certainly place additional costs on local government generally, and urban authorities in particular.Our own car broke down, so we had the additional expense of renting a car.There are a number of additional factors that require consideration.They appeared to be checking only if there were any additional persons in it.There is one additional point we want to make about research which has to do with its collective and temporal character.Additional security was provided for the President's visit.Mulroney's request was, however, granted by the crown and he promptly named the additional senators.Judge Mathes sentenced her first to a year and later to an additional three months in jail for contempt.Additional troops may be sent to the region.Additional informationTests and research 17. Additional information 18.Or call 011-01-978-860-236 from the United States. Additional information: .Additional information can be obtained by writing or faxing your questions.Errors Additional information exists - repeat for more details.Sources of Additional Information Information about career opportunities as a budget analyst may be available from your State or local employment service.