Word family noun addition additive adjective additonal added verb add adverb additionally
From King Dictionary of Contemporary English
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additionad‧di‧tion /əˈdɪʃən/ ●●● S3 W1 noun 1 in addition2 [uncountable]ADD the act of adding something to something elsethe addition of something The addition of networking facilities will greatly enhance the system.with the addition of something Turn sparkling wine into Buck’s Fizz with the addition of chilled orange juice.3 [countable]ADD something that is added to something else, often in order to improve itaddition to This excellent book will be a welcome addition to the library of any student.latest/new/recent addition the latest addition to our designer range4 [uncountable]HMNCOUNT/CALCULATE the process of adding numbers or amounts to make a totalsubtraction5 [countable] American English an extra room that is added to a building They built a big addition onto the back of the house.
Examples from the Corpus
additionAdditions are made to the list from time to time.This is an addition to the original language specification and it can not be guaranteed to remain unchanged in future releases.The Simpsons built a big addition onto the back of their house.In addition, there are growing networks of gay religious organizations that provide places for gay people to express their spirituality.In addition to the daily little worries, these were the sweeping imponderables that held their attention.In addition, Grills said, no civic leaders were asked about their faith.In addition, Microsoft last week appointed Rick Belluzzo as president.Consider the love stuff, since it is the main addition.There has been a last minute addition to the programme for the President's visit.In the last three months there has been a new addition to the family - our daughter, Rachel.It was a large warehouse that had been converted by the addition of beds into a dormitory.Despite the addition of fertilizer, flowers are still unable to grow in the soil.the addition of somethingIn addition, it seems no public warnings were issued about the addition of this potentially dangerous chemical.Sweetened only by honey, the soft texture is created by the addition of fresh buttermilk.Interference by iron or copper is prevented by the addition of cyanide.A framework would be created for the addition of other languages as further options.I put this down to the use of rosewood for the fingerboard and the addition of some extra internal bracing.The Scholarships, Grants and Awards have been strengthened for 1993 with the addition of several new ones.Without her earnings, and with the addition of Charlotte, money seemed to have dwindled to nothing.addition toYou will be paid overtime in addition to your regular salary.In addition to writing, I also enjoy rock climbing.A bottle of wine would make a pleasant addition to the meal.