Word family noun act actioninaction activityinactivity reaction interaction overacting adjective acting activeinactive verb actoveract adverb actively
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishactivityac‧tiv‧i‧ty /ækˈtɪvəti/ ●●● S2 W1 noun (plural activities) 1 [countable, uncountable] things that people do, especially in order to achieve a particular aim Everyone is free to engage in peaceful political activity. fund-raising activities Regular physical activity helps to control your weight.2 [countable usually plural]DO something that you do because you enjoy it leisure activities outdoor activities such as hiking or climbing3 [uncountable]BUSY PLACE a situation in which a lot of things are happening or a lot of things are being done The office was suddenly full of frantic activity. The farm was always a hive of activity at this time of year.COLLOCATIONSMeanings 1,2 & 3verbstake part in an activity (also participate in an activity formal)The children were encouraged to take part in several different activities.engage in an activity formal (=take part)Police suspect he may have engaged in criminal involved in an activityThe men were involved in terrorist an activityHe doesn’t do a lot of physical activity.ADJECTIVES/NOUN + activitypolitical activityPolitical activity is closely controlled by the government.economic activityThe current level of economic activity will influence business activityInternet shopping is a rapidly developing area of business activity.human activityThere was no sign of any human activity.criminal/illegal activityThe bar was being used for illegal activities.terrorist activityThe police took extra measures to protect the public against terrorist activity.outdoor activitiesThe college is well situated for students who are interested in outdoor activities.physical activityIt’s important to do some kind of regular physical activity. mental activity Your mental activity starts to slow down as you grow old.leisure activitiesI don’t have much time for leisure activities.classroom activitiesHe didn’t really take part in classroom activities.cultural activitiesThere is plenty of opportunity for children to express themselves in creative and cultural activities.phrasesthe level of activityThe level of economic activity has increased.COMMON ERRORSDon’t say ‘make an activity’. Say take part in an activity or be involved in an activity.Don’t say ‘sport activity’. Say sports activity.
Examples from the Corpus
activitythe company's business activitiesThe workshop was a scene of constant activity.The award goes to the Cranfield student presenting the best dissertation relevant to Courtaulds' activities.The retirement home arranges social and cultural activities for its seniors.There are clubs and other extracurricular activities at the school.Residents are concerned about growing gang activity in the neighborhood.leisure activitiesMilitary activity was secretly taking place for weeks before the invasion.This burst of activity marks a major turnabout in the publishing industry.What kind of activities do you enjoy?There's a lot of activity downstairs - do you know what's going on?In the afternoon, there will be plenty of activities laid on for the kids.Rebecca has always loved hiking and other outdoor activities.Top level managers direct all computer-related activities in an organization.It is also, rather vaguely, thought of as a revolutionary activity.The leader is responsible for the activities and production of a group who share norms and goals.Third, it should be relatively easy to distinguish work activity from other kinds of activity.