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actionableac‧tion‧a‧ble /ˈækʃənəbəl/ adjective law SCLif something you say or do is actionable, it is so bad or damaging that a claim could be made against you in a court of law His remarks are actionable in my view.
Examples from the Corpus
actionableIn those circumstances I hold that the undoubted disturbance to the residents is not actionable.The police kept up their enquiries and one or two likely candidates rose to the surface, but nothing was clearly actionable.These matters confirm me in the view already expressed that the disturbance complained of in this case is not actionable.The assertion of exclusive rights will, however, be actionable in tort.The judge ruled that Newman's comments were not an actionable offense.Thus there was no actionable official policy or custom.Criminal Law is actionable officially by the prosecution of offenders.This then is not a true obligation for performance, because once the promise becomes actionable performance is no longer possible.It soon became clear that breach of confidence was actionable perse, and did not require a contractual relationship between the parties.
From King Business Dictionaryactionableac‧tion‧a‧ble /ˈækʃənəbəl/ adjective if something is actionable, you can bring a case against someone in court about itThe patient suffered no actionable injury.