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acidica‧cid‧ic /əˈsɪdɪk/ adjective 1 CTvery sour Some fruit juices taste a bit acidic.2 HCcontaining acid
Examples from the Corpus
acidicIt tastes a little acidic.If this site is phosphorylated the N terminal region would become even more acidic.Sometimes coffee can be really acidic.The rock structure of much of this area is granite and naturally acidic.It appreciates an acidic, fertile soil that drains well.Undiluted fruit juices are acidic in nature.Granite, rich in silica, is the most abundant acidic rock.They are somewhat fussy about soil, preferring an acidic, sunny site that is not waterlogged.They are sometimes acidic to neutralise any alkaline residues carried over from the washing process and sometimes include disinfectants.