acid house

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acid houseˈacid house noun [uncountable] APMa kind of dance music that is played loudly using electronic instruments
Examples from the Corpus
acid houseAn acid house party attended by children as young as 12 was broken up by police yesterday.Police arrested 11 men with sound equipment on their way to a Saturday night acid house party in the New Forest.The heavy thump of acid house music was everywhere.We know who's been organising acid house parties for the past year.None the less, there are some aspects to the present acid house craze which distinguish it from its predecessors and which need attention.Some acid house parties can be heard miles away across the countryside: the inhabitants of normally quiet villages deserve protection.I found the acid house thing really disillusioning.Joey Meeson watched as Lizzy danced, her body undulating to the thumping rhythm of the acid house music.