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accompanistac‧com‧pa‧nist /əˈkʌmpənɪst/ noun [countable] APMsomeone who plays a musical instrument while another person sings or plays the main tune
Examples from the Corpus
accompanistI'd be happy to sing, but I'll need an accompanist.Pianist Tommy Flanagan is among the finest accompanists in jazz history.She wanders the stage, mike in hand like Betty Carter, often hovering over one of her accompanists, particularly Terrasson.Just my accompanist, Denis King, and me.Various suggestions were made for new accompanists, and a couple of meetings were set up.She had radio series of her own, a distinguished list of recorded accompanists and more money than she could spend.Alan Strachan as director knits the whole show together neatly and Jonathan Cohen on piano is a suitably reticent accompanist.John was selected partly because he resembled, in type, Joyce's accompanist Bill Blezzard.