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accompanimentac‧com‧pa‧ni‧ment /əˈkʌmpənimənt/ AWL noun 1 APM[countable, uncountable] music that is played in the background at the same time as another instrument or singer that plays or sings the main tunepiano/orchestral/organ/guitar etc accompaniment He plays folk music with guitar the accompaniment of something A group of children danced around to the accompaniment of drums and piano.2 [countable]WITH something that is provided or used with something else White wine makes an excellent accompaniment to fish.3 to the accompaniment of something4 [countable] something that happens at the same time as another thing
Examples from the Corpus
accompanimentThese fritters are especially delicious with stewed prunes with orange juice as an accompaniment, if desired.Polyphony, which developed in the ninth century, used the organ as bass accompaniment to liturgical song.Cooked almost to a purée with plenty of garlic they make a truly delicious accompaniment to sausages and red meats.Added to a simple white sauce, they make a good accompaniment to plain meats such as boiled bacon.The programme included practical experience in Breathing, movement with apparatus, and movement accompaniment.It takes much time and effort to find recorded music that is suitable as movement accompaniment.Huang's wife provided accompaniment on the piano.Sylvie drew to the accompaniment of voices.piano/orchestral/organ/guitar etc accompanimentA piano accompaniment being captured in a London recording studio of 1904.He was also a noisy eater, as if providing an orchestral accompaniment for his brother.In ships at sea chaplains or commanding officers have pre-recorded tapes containing organ accompaniments and a compilation of hymns.The orchestral accompaniment her was again alert, matching the pianist's skill in fine style.Without realizing it, their orchestral accompaniment fined itself to the quality of her voice.We discussed the idea of Jean-Claude setting them to piano accompaniment.Lieder by Franz Schubert with guitar accompaniments from the period.She had a lovely sweet voice, and always had to sing without piano accompaniment, for she alone knew the songs.