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accommodationac‧com‧mo‧da‧tion /əˌkɒməˈdeɪʃən $ əˌkɑː-/ ●●○ W2 AWL noun 1 [uncountable] especially British English (also accommodations American English)HOME a place for someone to stay, live, or work The price for the holiday includes flights and accommodation. living accommodations for the crews travel and hotel accommodations rented accommodation secure accommodation for young offenders Universities have to provide student accommodation for first-year students.RegisterIn everyday English, people usually say somewhere to live/stay rather than accommodation:She’s trying to find somewhere to live.Have you found anywhere to stay yet?2 [singular, uncountable] formal an agreement between people or groups who have different views or opinions, that satisfies everyone We reached an accommodation between both parties. Neither side was willing to make any kind of accommodation. GRAMMAR: Countable or uncountable?In meaning 1, accommodation is used as an uncountable noun, especially in British English: Can you arrange some accommodation for me? Don’t say: Can you arrange an accommodation?In American English, accommodation is often used as a plural noun in meaning 1: The price includes meals and accommodations.In meaning 2, accommodation is often used as a singular noun: They reached an accommodation.
Examples from the Corpus
accommodationAccommodations must be made for students with learning disabilities.Some relocation policies exclude new recruits from receiving other allowances, such as travel and accommodation expenses.Contrary to modem popular opinion these were splendid ships with excellent accommodation and many modern conveniences for both crew and passengers.The price includes flights, accommodation and transport.In fact, many of our guests ask for accommodations here each time they come.The subsidies could in fact be used for converting barns etc for accommodation, and for path building and maintainance.You won't find any really luxurious accommodations, but there are adequate hotels and guest houses.There needs to be more accommodation by both sides.The cost of the six-day trip includes meals and motel accommodations.It appears to be about matters of accommodation and staffing.The cost of rented accommodation keeps going up.He says the cost of building pensioner's accommodation on the site could rocket to £50,000 per unit.The holiday costs about £400 for a week's accommodation and flights.I've been looking in the newspapers for student accommodation but it's all so expensive.Her clients would be over the moon at the accommodation in this particular hotel.rented accommodationThey are particularly useful for temporary and rented accommodation because they can be so easily taken up and put down.To bring up two children alone in rented accommodation is so difficult.Many potential homeowners decided to sit out the recession in rented accommodation, leaving their money in high-earning accounts.An overwhelming proportion of private rented accommodation is to be found in the major cities, notably London and Liverpool.The result, says Shelter, is that many asylum seekers are living in overcrowded private rented accommodation with friends and family.The group will also recommend improved access to private rented accommodation through rent deposit schemes.In fact, only about half of young higher education students live in privately rented accommodation.About four in 10 companies provide rented accommodation but only a fifth provide a housing allowance.reached ... accommodationParty leaders eventually reached accommodation with the insurgent lawmakers.The Gallo-Romans quickly reached accommodation with the new rulers, despite differences in culture and religion.