From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishabsenceab‧sence /ˈæbsəns/ ●●● S3 W2 noun 1 [countable, uncountable]HERETHERE when you are not in the place where people expect you to be, or the time that you are awayin/during somebody’s absence Ms Leighton will be in charge during my absence (=while I am away).absence from Her work involved repeated absences from home.2 [singular]NOT HAVE the lack of something or the fact that it does not exist OPP presenceabsence of a complete absence of any kind of planning In the absence of any evidence, the police had to let Myers go.3 absence makes the heart grow fonder leave of absence at leave2(3), → conspicuous by your absence at conspicuous(3)COLLOCATIONSadjectivesa long absenceShe was apprehensive about studying again after such a long absence.a prolonged absence (=continuing for a long time)Requests for prolonged absence during term time are strongly discouraged.a lengthy absenceThe injury may mean a lengthy absence from the team.a brief absenceEverything seemed to have changed during his brief absence.frequent absences (=happening often)She disliked Stephen's frequent absences on business.repeated absences (=happening again and again)Repeated absences from school can lead to children falling behind.a temporary absenceNo one noticed her temporary absence.a sudden absenceIt wasn't easy to deal with Hugh's sudden absence.an unexplained absenceDid he give a reason for his unexplained absence?unauthorized absence (=that you do not have permission for)With the older pupils, unauthorized absence increased.phrasessomebody's absence from work/schoolYou will be entitled to sick pay in respect of any absence from work through sickness.a period of absenceYou must submit a doctor's statement to cover the period of absence beyond the seventh day.
Examples from the Corpus
absenceThe Russian flag was waving again after an absence of 74 years.There were 103 cases of caretaker absence or incapacity, she said.The superstitious 35-year-old singer and impressionist was remanded on bail in his absence charged with affray.Malone's absences have made it difficult on the rest of the team.Poverty and the absence of hope are real causes for anti-social behaviour.The model developed in the paper also pinpoints the conditions required for union existence in the absence of coercion.In the absence of pressing problems he improvises his activities, working the case he wants to work.The absence of mathematics eliminates any advance treatment, but it could serve as an introduction text and as a source document.Still, the hows and whys of their absences are less important than the absences themselves.absence ofThere was a notable absence of confidence among the boys.
From King Business Dictionaryabsenceab‧sence /ˈæbsəns/ noun [countable, uncountable]HUMAN RESOURCES when a person is not at work, for example because they are illEvelyn took charge in his absence.The work of the department suffered because of her frequent absences. leave of absence