From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishabovea‧bove1 /əˈbʌv/ ●●● S2 W1 adverb, preposition 1 ABOVEin a higher position than something else SYN over OPP below Our office is above the hairdresser’s. He had a bruise just above his left eye. I heard a strange noise coming from the room above. The great bird hovered high above our heads.2 MORE THAN A NUMBER OR AMOUNTmore than a particular number, amount, or level OPP below 50 metres above sea levelabove freezing/zero (=higher than the temperature at which water freezes) Tonight, temperatures should be just above freezing.and/or above free medical care for pensioners aged 65 and above Prize winners must have gained marks of 80% or above. The salaries we offer are well above (=much higher than) average.3 MORE THAN something OR somebody ELSEto a greater degree than something else Many employers value personality above experience or qualifications.above all (else) (=used to say that something is more important than anything else) Max is hard-working, cheerful, and above all honest. medals awarded for bravery above and beyond the call of duty (=greater than it is your duty to show)4 LOUD/NOISYlouder or clearer than other sounds You can always hear her voice above everybody else’s.5 POSITION/RANKhigher in rank, power, or importance OPP below He never rose above the rank of corporal.and/or above officers of the rank of Major and abovefrom above (=from people in higher authority) We just obey orders from above. 6 formal before, in the same piece of writing OPP below As mentioned above, there is a service charge. Write to the address above for further information.7 not be above (doing) something8 be above suspicion/reproach/criticism etc9 get above yourself over and above at over1(14), → be above the law at law(13)
Examples from the Corpus
aboveBig-screen TVs are defined as 27 inches or above.officers of the rank of Major and aboveSee the rates listed above.The cereal goes in the cabinet above.None of the organizations mentioned above answered our inquiries.students of above-average abilityChristine Liddell, above, talks to Santa.high aboveThis is what it says, high above a doorway, in big block letters, at Pasadena's Clearwater Seafood.Some one was beating what sounded like a tambourine, and, high above all this, Robert thought he heard a flute.And I walk, balancing on these two stilts, high above the floor.The Hotel Girasole in Bormio 2000, high above the medieval town of Bormio, is the perfect destination for pre-teen skiers.Bird flew high above the simple pop songs upon which they were based, developing new ideas and melodies on the spot.Forget Michelangelo, lying on his back high above the Sistine Chapel floor to paint his famous frescoes.The east end is triapsidal and the choir is raised high above the superb crypt.above freezing/zeroIn any case, short-term rates are not far above zero.It roots out vines, truffles for lemon trees painfully heated by charcoal to three degrees above freezing.The temperature hovered just above freezing, and a brisk wind turned the rain into slanting sheets of icy daggers.It can be forty above zero in Eugene and ten below zero in Bend, a two-hour drive to the east.Even in summer, the temperature rarely rises above freezing point.The snow may crust at night, due to outward radiation, even thought the air temperature remains well above freezing point.Yet it was not really cold here; the temperature was well above freezing point.Temperatures inevitably will rise above zero, she said.above all (else)He must try to explain to them that Sylvie's suicide was above all an appropriate finale to her life.A faintly comical figure, he fears ridicule above all else.Above all, I want my daughter to be confident.I was not to answer the phone; above all I was not to speak to the press.But what Yorkshiremen want above all is a winning team.Although it is somewhat limited in its applications it is easy to operate and above all it is fun.And above all, it means that the government can not, in private, pre-empt consensus.It was, sheer character in any man to retain that particular sentiment above all others.But above all, this was a loyal speech.and/or aboveDirect taxation was indeed low, at a flat rate of 1 s. in the pound on incomes of £150 or above.He brought to friendship, as to his work, perceptiveness, integrity and above all enjoyment.Although it is somewhat limited in its applications it is easy to operate and above all it is fun.Shanti loathed country walks, preferring gift shops, shops of all kinds, parties, and above all - people!Its route will pass mainly through soft rock and above deep-lying, brackish ground water.A penchant for setting oneself apart and above mere mortals.The more to the left of and above the dashed straight line a curve is, the more potential exists for improvement.These will be fastened on and above them a platform.
aboveabove2 ●●○ W3 adjective 1 TCN[only before noun] used in a piece of writing to refer to something mentioned in an earlier part of the same piece of writing For the above reasons, the management has no choice but to close the factory.2 the above
Examples from the Corpus
aboveGroscost has answers for all of the above.Write to the above address for more information.President Clinton does not support any of the above amendments.Applicants for certificates must notify the Society if any of the above cases apply.City offices in the above counties will be closed Wednesday.The above diagram shows a diesel car engine.What is clear is that, in the above passage, he is not making the objection against himself.On receipt of the above recommendations, a special committee of the National Leprosy Fund was appointed to review the report.To gain the award candidates must choose any one of the above sectors and also complete their 3 Business Administration units.The above woman's reference number is 105375.