a train of something

From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englisha train of somethinga train of somethingSERIESa series of events or actions that are related The decision set off a train of events which led to his resignation. train
Examples from the Corpus
a train of somethingThe rebels were burning a train of stores a mile long...It dragged a train of pointed green and scarlet leaves.But it was not entirely a train of decrepit and abandoned people.Yet he has a train of attendants on the battlefield which should inspire anyone with confidence.There is a train of thought that school or college is the place where young people benefit most from education and training.Light causes ions to rush across a membrane and sparks off a train of impulses passed to the brain.It is to start a train of events Beyond your control.The demonstration started a train of events that led to Cordova's resignation.The words were a train of thought suggested by the music, by Neil's guitar line.